Dance Lab Program
(€ 110 including the castanets that will remain property of the participant)

Mon. 21 August, 5 to 8 pm          

- demonstration
- analysis of the ritual apparatus referring to dance: the Marian Calendar

Tue. 22 August, 5 to 8 pm          

- analysis of musical structure: the binary rhythm of the hand drum, the castanets, the structure of the song, modes of interaction between rhythm and song

Wed. 23 August, 5 to 8 pm                     

- dance technique: posture, basic steps, variations, "vutate”

Thu. 24 August, 5 to 8 pm            

- choreography: ritual perimeter, connection between the dancers, placement into space
- forming of the couplet and introduction to "vutate" or "rotelle"

Fri. 25 August, 5 to 8 pm           

- choreutic language and manners, gestualità, conventions and symbols
- free dance in couples accompanied by the tammorra

M° Lello Di Prizio
(Dance Lab)

Passionate about dance, he's studied classical music and has then dedicated himself to the study and practice of folk dances. After following for years the folk festivals in which the hand drum accompanied songs were the principal musical expression, he's learned the several traditional styles of dance by the performers themselves. His interest is not solely focussed on the tammurriata, but also on the several tarantellas like the Montemaranese and the Pizzica Tarantata.