The festival gives people with different artistic and cultural identities the opportunity to meet and know one another better.

"Suoni di Terra" identifies music as a basic vehicle able to 'speak' with others in the language of others even farther from us beyond the national borders and common barriers.

The 'musics of the world' are a huge and rich legacy of humanity and so they become a natural connection between arts and education to help a greater development of cultural awareness and exploitation of the territory.

That's why we want to present to a vast audience the universe of African, Asian, Latino-American and European folk traditions with concerts, instrument and dance labs and reviews of ethno-musical documentaries.


Sant'Agata de'Goti


This ancient town, in the thousand-year old heart of Sannio Beneventano, preserves many tokens of the past: the art treasures framed by the paved alleys of the Medieval district, the silent cloisters, the shady yards of the noble palaces. It's an invitation to discover the magic of this untouched corner of Campania, a land of prestigious wines, savours and traditions that time never altered.

> Sant’Agata de’Goti

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