Music and motion: a splendid occasion to grow together

Labs of traditional instruments and dance
(certification of the credits usable in the European curriculum)

The Suoni di Terra festival presents the Instrument and Dance labs in the style of the different local cultures.
They offer a chance to learn and appreciate different cultural expressions and knowledge.

In this year's edition the Tammorra and the Tammurriata will be the forms of expression studied in the two labs, an homage to the ancient collective rites of harvest and the religious rites of Campania.

The Tammurriata is a complex and fascinating expression of the peaant culture that's still being orally transmitted from generation to generation. This drum-based dance, ancient and earthy, full of symbols and ritual gestures loaded with a strong erotic undercurrent, is danced to the binary rhythm of the Tammorra.

The study of technique and language will be integrated with references to the social and anthropological elements that generate the coreutic phenomenon.

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